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How To Launch A Custom Support Portal With White Label

Videos Directly Inside Your GHL Account

From: Agency Armory

Louisville, Kentucky

By: David M. Bustle

Let me know if this happened to you...

You discover GoHighLevel for the first time and your world suddenly shifts. "Man this software was built for me! This is the greatest thing to ever come out for agencies." You think. You love it and dive in headfirst.

It changes everything.

All of your tools of the trade are now under one roof. So cool! You now have a cool new software with your own branding. You start gaining traction with your newfound superpowers. You start growing rapidly.

Pretty soon, things start getting good... but you get busy.

Really busy.

Suddenly, all these clients you've signed, start reaching out for help.

A lot of help.

At first you think you can manage, so you start handling them one by one.

Then they start flowing in and start messaging you for all kinds of things.

"How do I add a contact?"

"I deleted all of my leads!"

"So I don't know where to begin!"

"What's a funnel?"

"Can you show me how to send an email for the 10th time?"

"I thought this was done for you!"

AHHH!!!! Bam! Suddenly you find yourself becoming tech support Jimmy rather than a SaaS business owner.

You start resenting when Deb calls needing more help for the same thing you showed her last week.

You get tired fast of writing long in depth tech support articles and shooting looms.

You log into client accounts and just fix problems, because it's faster to just do it for them than to explain it out for them to try and figure out.

Your VAs now become full time support reps.


What happened to that beautiful dream of just collecting those residual SaaS payments?

So what do you do? Like the smart entrepreneur you are... you search for support help. Somebody in the groups got it figured out right?

You find a few folks with solutions like:

  • Onboarding snapshots.
  • Tech support videos.
  • Highlevel training.
  • Ticketing systems.
  • Outsourced ticketing systems.
  • VA Support Reps

A few big problems there though.

One, most cost you a fortune to deploy. I mean who wants to give up their first newborn son for client support? Seriously a monthly fee again? We already pay SaaS every month and Twilios adding up, dangit!

Two, some require you to send client's support requests to other agencies. Umm... nope. You might as well wear a shirt that says: steal from me. That literally putting your income into the hands of your actual competitor.

Three, some even have the competition's branding in them. Isn't this supposed to be YOUR white label platform?!?! Do you really want to advertise to YOUR clients for another marketing agency? I sure don't.

Now many of these are ran by great people... but it wasn't complete. For me, It was not the solution that I could control and feel safe sending clients through.

The Bottom Line: Client Support,

Onboarding & Training Sucks.

But it doesn't have to...

What if you had a truly WHITE LABEL support system for your customers that you 100% controlled, customized and owned?

What if you had your own white label videos, ticketing and onboarding platform that you could brand to your agency and 100% control and own?

I know what you're thinking... it seems like a fairy tale.

You see, I was frustrated just like you. I thought "There had to be a better way!"

I started searching like many of you and didn't find much that fit exactly what I wanted.

The other options just lacked integral features I felt was detrimental to it's success and security.

So I bit the bullet, hunkered down and just built it myself.

I spent a ton of sleepless nights recording video after video.

I built a huge support portal website and follow up system.

I created workflows to put it all together.

Needless to say... it took forever.

But... in the end, we came out victorious and built something awesome... The Support Portal.

I figured a few of you would also find it helpful.

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you the White Label

Support Platform Snapshot & Course.

Now with new onboarding feature!

What if when your clients logged into your platform there was a new menu icon they could click to get support and training?

What if you could decide what to show them and add your own content to it?

What if you had your own support ticketing system built right in?

What if you had a ton of white label support videos you could quickly reply with to answer client questions?

What if you could have it all customized to you with your branding and had the flexibility to edit it all how you want 100%?

It's ALL possible with the Support Portal by Agency Armory.

Once you sign up for the Agency Armory Support Portal with the form above, you'll be sent a snapshot to install on your GHL account complete with:

  • Massive Support Funnel Website - 100% Customizable
  • White Label Videos
  • Quick Response Chat Templates
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Custom Support Menu To Add To Your GHL

"After you purchase, you'll get access to the

support platform and our membership course."

"After you purchase, you'll get access to the support platform and our membership course."

Inside the course, there are video walkthroughs that take you step by step through setting up and customizing the system. The process to set up takes about 30 minutes to an hour to fully get going and customized (We built it that way to get you rolling fast).

Just watch the quick videos and follow the steps... and you'll be up and running in no time.

Here's what others have said the support portal thus far:

Get The Support Portal Now...

Get instant access to the course and snapshot!

Get It Now For Only $500!

Eventually we will move to a membership monthly fee model, but right now you can get lifetime access for $500 and get grandfathered in with no monthly fees!

So what all do you get with the snapshot?

#1 - Support Portal Snapshot

First up, we have the snapshot. You install this into a sub account on your GHL platform. Once installed you'll get the support platform preset up.

  1. Support Website. Inside the snap is a really big website built with custom values and global fields. (That GHL nerd talk for you can customize a few pages and edit the entire site in one fell swoop). The site has a video directory, Content subpages and individual pages for each lesson or video.
  2. The site is fully customizable. You can add logos, change colors, delete pages, add pages and your own videos. It's your platform and you are 100% in control.

Get The Support Platform When You Sign up Today!

#2 - White Label Videos.

Inside the support portal, we've embedded a ton of White label support videos.

We don't mention High-level. So you can feel confident sharing them with your clients.

There are videos for all the core features of high-level and should have a video for most of your clients questions.

Our videos are now hosted on Wista with no branding.

Check out a few sample videos here:

#3 - Ticketing System.

On top of the videos, you also have a system for ticketing. Customers can submit support tickets. It has a support pipeline built in with workflows to notify your team and customers, create tasks and more!

#4 - Quick Response Templates

We also built in a way to quickly respond to clients with our quick response templates. As you get tickets, or chats coming in, you can use our prewritten templates that will take your clients to the support video section they need!

#5 - Membership Course

If you've bought many snapshots before you've probably realized that not all are created equal. Some give you a link and say go to town! Not us.

We built a whole course on how to do everything from installing to customizing to updating. It's also where we post our video downloads and new videos to add in.

#6 - New! Onboarding Sequence

Check out a quick overview of the NEW onboarding system here:

Getting users to integrate GHL with their business is absolutely imperative. The more integrated it is in their business the longer they will stay.

That's why we created a new bonus to the support portal, our new onboarding sequence a funnel training system. It's includes a 12 day workflow and funnel that will drip content on your users to get them using your SAAS. It's all completely white label and you can use our stock system, or swap out our trainings with your own content!

Changes the design, upload your own branding and make it your own!

"What About Video Updates?"

Here's the cool thing. I built this for myself... you can rest assured it will stay updated for that reason alone. My goal is to have the ultimate support solution for myself and for my customers.

GoHighLevel is always changing. The man himself, Shaun is always releasing new features. With that, means new videos. Inside our membership section as new features get added, we also will upload new videos. You can quickly grab new embed codes, download them and update your portal in minutes.

You can also submit new ideas for videos. We also have a FB group for our customers where you can submit your own ideas for videos. Getting the same question over and over again that there isn't a video for? Let us know! We will add it in if it can benefit everyone.


You Get For A Measly $500.

Copy of the Support Portal Snapshot.

White Label Videos.

Ticketing System.

Quick Response Templates.

Member Course.

Total Value: PRICELESS

Get Your Copy Today For

ONLY $500

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy

Now Before It Changes.

This program will eventually become a monthly membership. Right now you can get lifetime access for only $500. In a short time, it will change to a monthly fee. So get grandfathered in now and save every month!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the support portal!


David Bustle

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I've got a snapshot and course for GHL that allows you to have your very own support portal right inside your own GoHighLevel account. It has white label videos, quick response templates and a ticketing system to support your clients. You can get it all for only $500. You can check it out here:

Some more testimonials from my other course subscribers and snapshot buyers:


I'd like to rush you a copy of my GoHighLevel Support

Portal With White Label Videos, For only $500!

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